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An antisemitic canard is a deliberately false story inciting antisemitism. The word "canard" is French for "duck," referring to a hoax. Despite having been thoroughly disproven, antisemitic canards are often part of broader theories of Jewish conspiracies. According to Kenneth S. Stern,
"Historically, Jews have not fared well around conspiracy theories. Such ideas fuel anti-Semitism. The myths that Jews killed Christ, or poisoned wells, or killed Christian children to bake matzo, or "made up" the Holocaust, or plot to control the world, do not succeed each other; rather, the list of anti-Semitic canards gets longer. The militia movement today believes in the conspiracy theory of the Protocols, even if some call it something else and never mention Jews. From the perspective of history, we know that this is the type of climate in which anti-Semitism can grow."

Contradictory accusations

Antisemitic canards

Main article: Deicide Accusations of deicide

Main article: Host desecration Accusations of host desecration

Main articles: Ritual murder and Blood libel against Jews Accusations of ritual murder and blood libel

Main articles: Judensau and Der Stürmer Demonization, accusations of impurity

Main articles: Well poisoning and Black Death Accusations of well poisoning

Main articles: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Zionist Occupation Government, Jewish lobby, and Anti-globalization and antisemitism Accusations of plotting to control the world

Main articles: Wandering Jew, Jewish Bolshevism, The Cause of World Unrest, and The Franklin Prophecy Accusations of causing wars, revolutions, and calamities
In January 2005, a group of Russian State Duma deputies demanded that Judaism and Jewish organizations be banned from Russia. "Their seven-page letter... accused Jews of carrying out ritual killings, controlling Russian and international capital, inciting ethnic strife in Russia, and staging hate crimes against themselves. "The majority of antisemitic actions in the whole world are constantly carried out by Jews themselves with a goal of provocation," the letter claimed." After sharp protests by Russian Jewish leaders, human rights activists, and the Foreign Ministry, Duma members retracted their appeal.

Accusations of causing antisemitism

Main articles: Usury and Dolchstosslegende Accusations of usury and profiteering

Main articles: Dreyfus affair, Dolchstosslegende, and Rootless cosmopolitan Accusations of lack of patriotism and cowardice
Sometimes, one antisemitic allegation morphs into another: "Israel disproved the anti-Semitic canard, popular during World War II, that Jews were cowards and poor soldiers. In fact, the image of militarist Israel became popular among fringe elements on the political Left."
See also: New antisemitism

Accusations of excessive militarism and cruelty

Main article: Jews as a chosen people#Charges of racismAntisemitic canards Accusations of racism

Main articles: Holocaust denial and Criticism of Holocaust denial

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