Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Head and the Hair (30 Rock episode)
The Head and the Hair (30 Rock episode) "The Head and the Hair" is the eleventh episode of the situation comedy series 30 Rock, which aired January 18, 2007.

Wikipedia reference
Gold Case is a fictional game show, hosted by John McEnroe. It was created by Kenneth "Kenneth the Page" Parcell, and is designed to be a cross between "Deal or No Deal" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire".
The setting is simple: Ten models hold identical briefcases, one of them containing $1 Million in gold. The contestant must choose the case they think holds the gold. The show was cancelled (even before it aired) after several contestants tried their luck, when it was discovered that it was incredibly easy. The contestant could always immediately determine which case held the gold, due to the model's visible difficulty in holding the heavy briefcase.
Due to every contestant immediately picking the correct briefcase, it is not clear what would happen if the contestant chose incorrectly. If the gold or non-gold content of the briefcase were always revealed immediately upon the contestant making his or her selection, and the game ended at that point, each round of the game would last only a few minutes, like those that were shown.

"Gold Case"

Liz reminded everyone in the staff office that "today" was January 17, 2007. Since January 17 fell on a Wednesday in 2007, this episode would have aired on that date instead of January 18, since 30 Rock itself used to air on Wednesdays.
At the end of the show, Kenneth's Gold Case show is a failure, because contestants can easily spot which case contains a million dollars worth of gold since the model has visible difficulty holding the case. In real life, a million dollars is equivalent to a little over one hundred and ten pounds of gold.
In this episode, Tracy Jordan says he was living with his mother in her house in 1979. This contradicts the pilot, in which he said he grew up in an apartment, where he was living in foster care.
Kenneth is cleaning graffiti off a wall in Brian Williams's office that says "KAT... COUR... SU..." It presumably says, "Katie Couric Sucks."
Peter Hermann is the third Law & Order: SVU actor to appear on the show.
Explicit or indirect NBC/MSNBC show references: Heroes, Hardball, NBC Nightly News
The episode marks another Star Wars reference, specifically the Death Star's tractor beam and the Millennium Falcon.
The "show about midgets" Liz mentions is a possible reference to the TLC reality series Little People, Big World.
The "Moonvest" character introduced in this episode inspired the name of 30 Rock fan site MOONVEST.COM.
After Liz and "The Hair" find out that they're 3rd cousins, the theme music temporarily changes to include a banjo (possibly as an oblique reference to the movie Deliverance). Guest starring

Teddy Coluca (Stage Manager)
Nikki Ghisel (MSNBC Receptionist)
Michal Antonov (10 Year Old Liz)
Tyler Johnson (Model/Waiter)
Ali Reza (Executive)
Craig Castaldo (Moonvest)
Rock Kohli (Store Clerk)
Brendan Walsh (Shut It Down)
J.T. Arbogast (Contestant #1)
Carrie Yaeger (Contestant #2)
Audrey K. Amey (Contestant #3)
Jon Norman Schneider (Contestant #4)

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